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Your work makes the world better.  You've been fearlessly ambitious, and people need to hear about it.  I'm eager to bring your story and the causes you're passionate about to audiences through film and photography.

I strive to "stop the scroll" with work that resonates.  I create art, from soup-to-nuts that efficiently makes the most of your budget and leaves you with films and photography that stand out from the crowd.



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Here’s some of our past work:


Case study: Acadia National Park

I was approached to direct a film that would celebrate Acadia’s Centennial Event.  To showcase the unique spirit found at the tip of Maine, I developed a concept that highlights individualism and humanity.

I crafted a spiritual aesthetic rather than going the route of traditional tourism.  Nature has made a profound impact on my life, and it was important to me to feature characters on their own, blending amongst the foliage, and becoming a part of nature.  Acadia is more than a park - it’s a place to find yourself.  

Watch the film here:



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Head of Business Development: Jonathan Yaniv

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